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Flying Time

In 1939, Kay Jeynes goes to work for Hero Miyashita, the only Japanese businessman in Calgary. Kay is young and working-class. Mr. Miyashita is elderly, Oxford-educated and rich. Despite their differences, a friendship develops between them in the peaceful vacuum of Mr. Miyashita’s office. But outside in the real world, war looms, and relations between Canada and its own Japanese population grow steadily worse. When it becomes impossible for Mr. Miyashita to leave Canada, he asks Kay to travel to Hong Kong as his representative on important family business. She crosses the Pacific Ocean as the Japanese navy is manoeuvring into position for the attack on Pearl Harbor. For Kay, what begins as a dream voyage, becomes a nightmare of danger and betrayal. 

Flying Time is the story of an unusual friendship, set in the turbulent and racially-charged times of the Second World War.

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