Seeing is Deceiving

In this mix of mystery and high comedy, set amid the glories of the Rocky Mountain foothills, television photographer Phoebe Fairfax and her gorgeous, but decidedly dotty, on-air colleague Candi Sinclair, are taping at a psychic fair. Shortly after they shoot an interview with him, arch-creep Jonathan Webster collapses and dies, murdered with a dose of agricultural pesticide administered in a most unusual way. The police immediately suspect his common law wife Tracy McMurtry, an old high-school pal of Candi’s. The fact that Webster used Tracy as his personal punching bag when he wasn’t busy losing all her money on one of his compulsive gambling sprees, puts her at the top of their list. The impulsive Candi immediately sets out to clear her old friend’s name, dragging the reluctant Phoebe in her wake.

Phoebe finds the answer to the mystery of Webster’s murder in the midst of a spring blizzard high in the foothills west of Calgary. Or does she? Could it be that all her efforts only serve to prove that seeing truly can be deceiving.

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A Globe & Mail best seller.

“I was laughing out loud by Page 10. . .  This one is full of wry, dry humor and considerable insight into the human condition.”  

– Washington Times, Washington, D.C.

“A good Canadian mystery is fun.  The locations are familiar, the characters ring true and the subtle nuances of the Canadian psyche make the reader smile.  Seeing is Deceiving is a very good book.”  

– Free Press, Brandon

“While the plot offers a fair challenge to readers who like to solve mysteries before all is revealed, those who like a laid-back story, interesting characters and a hint of romance also will be well-rewarded.”  

– Toronto Star