Book of the Year

Flying Time is not a flattering portrayal of Canada.  It takes a hard, critical look at the undercurrents of racial tension that cut the Miyashitas out of Calgary society, and the government-endorsed racism that saw them and thousands like them interned and their possessions sold off…  But North still find room for quirky humour,  like Kay’s mid-narrative disruptions that see her take herself to task for sentimentality or going off on a tangent, or her multiple nicknames for the recovery home she’s in.  Flying Time is like having a conversation with your grandmother: she may veer off course on occasion, and remember her sixteenth birthday better than what she said minutes ago, but listening to her talk is always worthwhile.

– Kelsey Rolfe,  National Post

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Flying Time is not just a story unfolding, it’s a thinking-through of how we remember …  What Suzanne North does to set her story apart is to give her readers a first person narrative set in both the present and the past, offering two points of view from the same character…  Flying Time is about how people used to talk, how they used to think.  It’s about how a city used to be.  It’s a story about memory, of civic and national tragedy…”

– Elin Thordarson,  Winnipeg Review

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"While the author is delivering a wealth of history, geology, art and Canada during the war, she also serves up a cracking good (and believable) rich memoir of an interesting life.

– Catherine Ford, The Calgary Herald

Flying Time first captures and holds interest with its beautiful storytelling and then takes a suspenseful turn, leading it to can’t-put-it-down territory.”

– Ally McConnell,  Alberta Views

“North… has crafted a very readable story, and has a deft touch with dialog.  She has done credible research into a long-past time and place in bringing this story to life.”

–  Pan Am Historical Foundation, The Clipper

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“Suzanne North’s Flying Time is a beautiful novel, brimming with intelligence, heart and wit."

– Gail Bowen, author of the Joanne Kilbourn Shreve mystery series.

“In Flying Time, Suzanne North reveals herself to be, quite simply, a wonderful writer.  Her new novel is filled with unforgettable characters in a richly imagined world. The result is original, genuinely moving, and completely enjoyable.”

– Candace Savage, author of A Geography of Blood, winner of the 2012 Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction.